The global decorative paints and coatings and chemicals business, AkzoNobel asked Narrative Matters to help bring to life its Human Cities Initiative - an ambitious project to encourage city leaders to improve, energise and regenerate the world's urban environments. Working with the corporate sustainability communications team, and engaging business leaders from across the company - from colour experts to art and heritage professionals - we have created a series of editorials to give the initiative context and make it real for target audiences.


"Tom is an excellent journalist and a genuine expert in sustainability. He has the ability to tackle complicated issues and write about them in such a way that is both understandable to the layman and insightful to the expert."

Paul Thomas, communications manager, sustainability and innovation, AkzoNobel


Example content:
Technology will make our cities smarter, but without the human touch we won’t want to live in them
> Art and heritage are key to creating strong cities
Making our cities more vibrant



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