Episode #1 - Ignitia - Who knew an accurate weather forecast could change lives?

Show notes

In this first episode of The Better Business Show (in which I spend a good percentage of the running time explaining what the show is all about), we meet Liisa Petrykowska, the CEO and founder of a wonderful weather-forecasting business called Ignitia.

Liisa, a climate research scientist, has not only found a way to much more accurately forecast what the weather is going to be doing in the Tropics – something which previously had been near-impossible to do – but has also developed a way to deliver the information to remote smallholder farmers. The technology is changing the lives of farming communities across West Africa who for the first time are able to plan the planting of seeds or applying of fertiliser to boost their yields and protect their crops from the ravages of erratic weather patterns.

Here's some pics of Liisa out in the field, some of the farmers she is helping and a close-up of the technology, in SMS form, in action.

Check out the Ignitia website at www.ignitia.se.

Follow Liisa on Twitter @IgnitiaWeather 

The UNCTAD report I reference in the show can be found here.