Episode #17 - Forget Facebook. Meet the social network for social good

Show notes

Technology has a unique ability to create positive change – and the way in which people are using new software, tools, gadgets and gizmos is really driving the sustainable business agenda right now.

The way in which we interact with our planet, our things, our community and one another is being seriously aided by the advent of brand new, or repurposed technologies which are – hopefully –making it easier to just do the right thing.

This week's guest is Nick Davies, the creator of a social network called Neighbourly. To explain what it does most simply: makes it easier for companies to find community projects and charities to support – and then shout about the fact via it online platform functionality.

But it's so much more than that.

Nick delves into the detail during this week's show to explain how the platform – "the social network for social good" – has morphed and shifted into what it has become: an incredibly powerful tool for creating positive social and environmental change by connecting up the key players that can actually make things happen (business, NGO, charity, individual).

I hope you enjoy it.

Check out Neighbourly.com. It's free to join and free to post a project – and 'free' is how the site will remain forever, says Nick.

Nick Davies, founder, Neighbourly.com

Nick Davies, founder, Neighbourly.com

During this week's news round-up, we talk:

- Ikea's new range of sustainability-focused products
- Sadiq Khan's London mayoral victory 
- Etsy's plan to get its sellers topped with solar panel
- And gender diversity trends