Episode #9 - Resource Event special, featuring The Great Recovery Project, Riversimple and Alex Bellos

Show notes

In a shake up to the format this week, we are on location at Excel, London for the Resource Event, the annual gathering for organisations interested in resources, waste, circular economy thinking and new business models.

Mooching around the exhibition stands, sitting in on seminar workshops and learning from a range of on-stage presentations, I spent the day at Resource finding out about the latest trends and ideas doing the rounds in resource management.

This week's show features:

The Great Recovery Project – I catch up with founder Sophie Thomas to find out how her 4-year, Innovate UK-backed initiative has successfully questioned the 'take, make and waste’ manufacturing model and offered practical, design-led solutions through a range of events and resources.

Riversimple – the Welsh car manufacturer hoping to transform the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market through its car-use subscription model.

Alex Bellos – the Guardian columnist, novelist and maths wizard on the psychology of numbers being used by brands to influence buying decisions.

The Purifying Greenhouse – a concept taking the Dutch water industry by storm. Imagine a smelly wastewater treatment plant being transform by plants whose roots are used to naturally purify the water – and take away the stench.

Find out about these organisations, and more as we report live from Excel in a special edition of The Better Business Show. 

You can find out more about Resource here.

The Scottish remanufacturing stats I quote towards the end of the show are referenced here.

This week's update of happenings in sustainable business with Vikki Knowles includes stories on Ford and its zero waste efforts; the fact pineapple is becoming a viable alternative to leather in the fashion sector; and a study on the future for electric vehicles from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.