Episode #48 - The donation platform that isn't after your cash. It wants to change the world

Show notes

A few weeks ago during our Friday Five podcast that went out live on Black Friday, we bemoaned the whole idea. Consumers rampantly chasing out to high street retailers or jumping online trying to bag a bargain, or something that they probably don’t need: It’s a phenomenon that has come to symbolise everything that is wrong with consumerism here in the 21st century.

What we didn’t mention was that just three days later, Giving Tuesday (the perfect antidote to Black Friday designed to encourage online charitable giving) produced record-shattering donations.

New York-based 92nd Street Y, which is credited for launching the event in 2012, said that contributions reported by organisations in the US and abroad for a 24-hour period total $168 million – up from about $117 million in 2015. 

It said there were roughly 1.6 million donations, coming from people in nearly 100 countries.

Blackbaud, a software company that serves many nonprofits, reported that it processed $47.7 million in online donations Tuesday for more than 6,700 organizations – a 20% increase in giving over last year.

It’s clear there is a real appetite for charitable giving. Not a week goes by when one of my friends on Facebook, or connections on LinkedIn, is not taking part in a marathon or triathlon and trying to drum up donations.

But as my guest on this week’s show quite rightly says, there is more to giving than just cash donations.

Hermione Taylor is the founder of Do Nation, an online platform which encourages people to give by changing their lifestyles and behaviours to help ease the burden on our beloved planet.

Enjoy the show and, as ever, let me know what you think.

You can find out more about Do Nation at the website, wearedonation.com.

Hermione Taylor, founder of Do Nation.

Hermione Taylor, founder of Do Nation.

Donate by Doing: Any individual or company can start a campaign and ask people to pledge an action.

Donate by Doing: Any individual or company can start a campaign and ask people to pledge an action.