Episode #15 - Matthew Turner on leveraging business mistakes to succeed

Show notes

It's a slight departure from our traditional format for you this week as we jump into conversation with Matthew Turner, the author of a new book called Successful Mistake.

Matthew (right) got in touch with the show after hearing our episode from a few weeks back – the one we did with Tom Cridland. Matthew has spent the last couple of years in the throes of writing the book, meeting and interviewing 163 different business entrepreneurs and innovators to find out how and why so many great people in business are able to overcome failure and succeed in building brilliant businesses.

Fear is something that makes people procrastinate. I had the original idea for this podcast at least 12 months before I launched the first episode. It took me me so long to do it because I was worried that a 1.0 version of the Better Business Show would not be good enough.

The journey from where the world finds itself (with unsustainable business models, poorly designed products, old fashioned service models), to where we need to get to (new business models, new ideas, great new products) demands risks being taken. There will be failure. But its how companies take that failure and spin it into a positive to succeed in this new emerging economy of sustainable business.

And that's what we're talking about this week.


You can find out more about Matthew and his book at turndog.co.

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