Episode #4 – Süga: California dreaming by turning old wetsuits into yoga mats

Show notes

This week, we are in conversation with Brian Shields, founder and CEO of Süga, a Californian business turning wetsuits into yoga mats.

If you listen closely to this episode, you can just about make out the sound of the surf and sea in the background (not really) as Brian explains how his company is going from strength to strength. With everything manufactured in the US, Süga is taking something that is heavy, cumbersome and inherently pretty bad for the planet (wetsuits cannot be recycled easily) and turning it into something cool. And the surfing and yoga community – which has a distinct affinity with the ocean and the environment – are really buying into Brian's brand and offering (which also includes a circular take back option for the excessive yogis who have worn their mats out).

Here's the Süga yoga mat:

You can jump onto the Süga website now for more information or to buy your own mat or beer cooler.

You can follow Brian on Twitter too.

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