Episode #14 - ZAPP, the world's first digital energy currency

Show notes

This week we meet James Williams, a South West England-based start-up entrepreneur who has his hand in plenty of pies right now.

Of course, you can check out James's Keebunga business which is getting the surfing community excited.

But it is his plan to shake up the renewable energy space that is most tantalising.

ZAPP is designed to be the world's first energy currency. Combining notions of resource sharing, people power and reward mechanism (think Nectar Points), ZAPP creates incentives for people to change behaviour in order to solve the renewable energy conundrum – whereby clean energy being produced when it is windiest or sunniest does not necessarily correlate with when demand is highest.

James proposes a new way for brands and utilities to 'speak' to customers, encouraging greener energy behaviour in the process. You seem, the ZAPP platform delivers a digital energy currency in the form of ZAPP Points that are earned by customers that, say, charge their iPhones or use their washing machines in sync with when renewable electricity is being produced.

Right now, ZAPP is a big idea, but one that could well become a reality, especially if it is chosen as a winner of Virgin's #VOOM start-up support initiative. James has pitched his idea to Sir Richard Branson and you can read the pitch here.

He also made this awesome video to go with it.


For more on James Williams, check out his LinkedIn profile and his Keebunga business.

Elsewhere in this week's show...

In my intro, I mention Ian Welsh and Innovation Forum. The brilliant Supply Chain Risk + Innovation journal (which I edit) is available here.

More details on how to be a part of the 2degrees Innovation Forum are available here.

Also, links and references points to this week's news round-up include:

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- Airbus and Boeing thrust sustainable aviation into spotlight
- Levi Strauss open sources water innovation techniques to public 
- Tesco’s new FoodCloud platform will feed millions of people