Established to bring together people from around the world and organisations from across sectors, Collectively's mission is to make sustainable living the new normal by tapping into the existing passion points of today's Millennial generation. Working with Collectively's range of partners, including BT, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Marks & Spencer, Facebook and Google, Narrative Matters has been working with the editorial team to help bring unique, inspiring and truly engaging storytelling to the platform.

By helping partners to understand audience needs, wants and desires, we have successfully established a number of brands as a positive members of the collective (alongside the change maker and NGO community), connecting Collectively journalists to internal comms teams.

Ongoing, Narrative Matters will be in full-on content-creation mode - developing stories that sing for a new generation thirsty for ideas and motivation to practice a sustainable lifestyle.


Example content:
Marks & Spencer > Is it possible to make sustainable fashion look good?
Carlsberg > How important is the 'clink' when you cheers?
Coca-Cola > This city's architectural overhaul actually made its citizens healthier
NRG > Gaming for good – 8 games that are changing the world for the better
Nespresso > How George Clooney helped start a coffee revolution in wartorn South Sudan



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