In support of's acclaimed content channels, Narrative Matter began working with the business to develop, create and produce an ongoing series of editorials, blogs and articles focusing on issues of climate change. In the lead-up to COP21 in Paris in December 2015, the Narrative Matters team created a unique content series, exploring the business innovations, technologies and solutions, the companies and the people that will play a key role in the transition to a carbon-constrained world.

The project was also an opportunity to devise angles that would get the general public excited, interested and engaged in the climate change story - no mean feat.

Today, we continue to pique the interest of Sir Richard Branson through our ongoing series of blogs and jargon-busters – on subjects ranging from sustainable agriculture, to clean energy – which continue to be shared far and wide, not least by the main man himself.


Example content:
> What is energy demand response, and why are businesses so excited about it?
Howdy partner! How corporates teaming up with NGOs are creating a better world
> Everything you need to know about shale gas (but were too afraid to ask)
> What's the difference between global warming and climate change?
> Is it possible to be both a luxury goods business and waste solution provider?
Everything you need to know about ‘planetary boundaries’



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