From media agencies and corporates, to SMEs and NGOs, our client list spans numerous sectors, geographies and professions – and includes:

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We continue to partner with some of the very best creative agencies out there, combining expertise and skills to deliver amazing projects for our clients.

Our partners include:

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I have worked with agencies all over the world over the past three decades. My experience with Tom and Narrative Matters ranks in my best experiences with an agency.

Besides Tom’s technical expertise as a writer, I found him to be responsive, flexible and professional at all times. I did not have to ask him for anything – he produced a timeline of deliverables at the start of the project, and he reminded me when both his and our deadlines were approaching.

He didn’t shy away from the usual curve balls that come with such a complex project; rather he jumped to catch them and dealt with them without any further issues.

Karen Van der Westhuizen
Communications Director
FSC International

Tom digs into the issues around sustainability challenges facing all kinds of businesses. I've enjoyed being part of a number events and panel discussions he has organised where he has ensured explorations venture into new territory and challenge conventional thinking.

Dax Lovegrove
Global Vice President Corporate Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Tom's charming, easy-going nature are a great asset in putting you at ease. These attributes, combined with a very sharp, clear focused mind, enable him to cut to the heart of any matter, quickly.

Tom has a phenomenal work rate, and is able to manage a number of competing priorities, often involving a large number of stakeholders on complex projects. He is always calm and reasoned and unflappable 'under fire'. A strategic thinker, and visionary, who can appreciate, and not get lost in the minutia. Tom is not only great to work with, he is incredible supportive and constructive in his advice and guidance.

Jim Craig
Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager
Red Hat

Without a doubt, Tom’s knowledge in the area of corporate responsibility is immense. He is able to sift through masses of information and data and pull out fantastic engaging stories, all written with the reader in mind. He really does make content sing!

Zoe Hanks
Communications strategist

Tom is an excellent journalist and a genuine expert in sustainability. He has the ability to tackle complicated issues and write about them in such a way that is both understandable to the layman and insightful to the expert.

Paul Thomas
Director of Communications Europe, Middle East & Africa

Tom is one of the easiest and most approachable people in journalism you could wish to meet. I met him and talked with him when I knew almost nothing about sustainability and had a new client in that sector - I needed ideas, opportunities and patience. he had all three.

Andrew Brown, freelance PR, writer and editor