Narrative Matters is the content creation agency of
Tom Idle. We specialise in communications strategy that is supported by quality editorial, journalism and digital content – to help companies, NGOs, publishers and media agencies truly engage with target audiences.


Maybe you know what you want. Maybe you don't.

Allow us to better understand your storytelling needs, develop new and existing ideas, and create a plan that brings your mission to life in a way that gets your audience really excited.

After all, narrative matters.



Some of the organisations we work with…


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We help you set out some key objectives, understand your audience profile and assess the current strategy for engaging it through content. 

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The ideation process will help extract your key messages, build a narrative that makes sense to your audience and amplify your stories with gusto.


The exciting bit. We bring your stories to life through the very best editorial content that sings.



With the right audience in mind, the correct angles identified and the very best stories created, it's time to spread the word with digital content marketing that works.


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Communications strategy | Editorial and content marketing | Sustainability reports | Journalism | Copywriting | Research | White Papers | Podcasts | Publishing design


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