Narrative Matters is the content creation agency of
Tom Idle, an experienced editor, writer, journalist and commentator in the field of corporate responsibility.

As editor-in-chief at 2degrees and, before that, editor of Sustainable Business, Tom has spent the last ten years developing content and engagement strategies for some of the world's biggest organisations.

Now, working with a star-studded team of associates (the very best creatives in sustainable business circles), Tom is available to help your business get the attention, engagement and recognition it deserves.

As happy clients will attest, Tom takes time to understand your needs, is always professional,
and delivers on time and within budget.

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Narrative Matters works with companies, NGOs, media agencies and publishers to develop storytelling strategies and produce content of all shapes and sizes.

Having been on the receiving end of stories, pitches and badly-written and thought-out content ideas from organisations for years, Tom and his team of associates knows what works (and, crucially, what doesn't).

He understands audiences and is only interested in creating content that sings to them.


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Communications strategy

By auditing your current approach to communications, we can help you develop the right strategy to take your creative storytelling to another level.



Thorough, independent, well-researched and impeccably-crafted editorial that informs, educates and entertains your audiences in equal measure.


Be sure to back-up your stories with credible data, insight and analysis using interview-based desk or field research.

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Copywriting + Editing

From website marketing copy, to report copy-editing, settle for nothing less than fully comprehensive, no-nonsense copy that hits the right notes and gets to the point, quickly.

Publishing + Design

Using the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software, we can create magazines, reports, documents, brochures and e-zines that make your content sparkle (and more accessible).

Chairing events

Make use of Tom's experience in hosting, managing and or chairing live events - from round-table sessions and webinars, to conferences and workshops.


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Blogs + Articles

Drive traffic, increase engagement and generate plenty of value by sticking to a strategic editorial calendar of blogs and articles that both taps into your core areas of interest while taking advantage of trends across social media.

Reports + White Papers

Bring your mission to life with a well-researched and suitably structured White Paper or report full of data-points, interviews, insight and analysis.


Something of a new kid on the block, infographics continue to be the most-shared pieces of content across social media, bringing stories to life through a unique visual representation. We can do that for you.

Press releases

The angles are spot on and the stories are in place. Now, let's tell the world using the 'bread and butter' of content marketing to 'sell in' and generate some noise.


Whether to inform research or to help to generate fantastic ghost-written materials, interviews are an important vehicle for personal storytelling.

Video + Audio

Using trusted production partners, create amazing videos to tell (and share) your stories. Alternatively, want to tap into the explosive popularity of podcasting? We can do that for you too. 

Marketing collateral

Whether its web copy, brochures, flyers or other materials that help to sell, explain or promote your offering, allow us to take the pressure off.


The CEO has bagged the opening plenary speaking slot at the year's biggest event. Let us craft his message, structure the presentation and hit all the right notes.


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